Title of Session

Driving asset performance improvement
with digitization

Summary of Session

Industrial companies today face a competitive market, volatile commodity prices and increasing regulations. In this environment organizations need to optimize their asset management to improve productivity and profitability, while also ensuring safety. An Enterprise Asset Performance Management (APM) platform including predictive analytics allows companies to achieve these goals by leveraging Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology to optimize maintenance, reduce unscheduled downtime, improve safety and increase asset availability.
Digital transformation technologies are more than just a concept – they are providing benefits to the marketplace today

These solutions allow companies to transition from a reactive to a proactive maintenance strategy, improving the reliability of expensive assets, and increasing safety and profitability. Using Enterprise APM, organizations can increase access to information across the business, predict problems before they occur and efficiently resolve them through advanced workflow scheduling for continuous operational improvement

Presenter Short Biography

•Name/Title: Madankumar Selvakumar / Sr.Technical Consultant
•Education : Bachelor of Engineering
•Experience: 20+ years (Process Control Instrumentation & Engineering, Maintenance & Service, Commissioning and Consulting.)
•Current occupation : Lead Consultant ( Middle East & Africa Region) – Enterprise Asset Management/Mobility/Predictive Maintenance/RCM Solutions.