Title of Session

Advanced Ultrasound guided Condition Based Lubrication

Summary of Session

Presentation explains positive impact of Condition Based Lubrication supported by Ultrasound technology. From starting point of Lubrication practices where nothing or only copy/paste time based lubrication is done, we need to recognize the deficiencies of that kind of approach, understand where do they come from and, finally, what are the consequences. Once that step is done, solution must be found and put in place. Ultrasound supported Condition Based Lubrication offers an answer to proper bearing greasing practice, but not only that. It has a huge impact to whole lubrication strategy and activities of Condition Monitoring team as well. Those positive impacts can be seen only if a proper, modern, comprehensive solution is implemented, and in a right way. This presentation is offering answers to those challenges.

Advanced Solutions in Ultrasound guided Condition Based Lubrication

Impact of lubrication practice to level of Reliability

  • Percentage of lubrication related failures
  • Where do they come from
  • Lubrication as top importance issue, declaratively

What is the source of bad practice

  • Approach
  • Technology used
  • Culture

Condition based lubrication – approach & technology behind it

  • Why Condition and not Time
  • Ultrasound & friction
  • How Ultrasound helps
  • How is it implemented, to work and to last

Challenges of implementation in modern industry

  • Is listen & squeeze enough
  • Who is going to do it
  • How does Condition based lubrication fit into whole lubrication strategy
  • Active route – flow of data and information
  • What is needed and who is involved

Transforming Grease guy into Lube Expert

  • huge reward behind a challenge

What are the benefits and how to measure success.

Presenter Short Biography

Ran in own production process for 20 years, from design to production stage. Joined Ultrasound world in 2013. SDT team member since 2015. During that time I had an opportunity to be trained in Ultrasound, Condition Monitoring and Reliability. During my work in SDT, I performed numerous trainings in area of Ultrasound in Condition Monitoring and especially in Lubrication.
Current gravity of work
My work is focused on applying Ultrasound technology within the Reliability improvement framework. As a complete solution it, of course, seriously considers Lubrication practice. Through Condition Based Lubrication, Ultrasound plays an important role in Lubrication excellence. My main focus is to train teams through all levels, to be aware of the importance and responsibility and to reach top performance. MLA, ARP, CRL, UT